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History of United Way of Camden County

In 1971, Thiokol Chemical plant, located in Woodbine, GA exploded when large quantities of flares and their components were ignited by a fire and detonation occurred. As a result of this incident, many lives were lost and the community of Camden County was greatly impacted.

As a consequence of this explosion, many local mothers who were affected by the loss of their husbands entered into the workforce.  Due to the lack of childcare access at the time, former superintendent David Rainer and the Camden County School System began sponsoring a local daycare to accommodate the parent’s needs.

Unfortunately, after an extended period of time, the school system’s budget could no longer continue to provide funding for the daycare.   So, David Rainer and then daycare Director Lane Vick, initiated the search to find funding through another organization.  It was then that they discovered and pursued involvement in the United Way, and a United Way of Camden County was founded. Hence, what is now known as Head Start, was United Way's first partner agency in Camden County, and continues to be to this day.

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